Prowess’ Bootcamp was a super easy way for me to ensure vetted roles that uniquely fit ME come straight to my inbox. I got a job in two weeks!”

  • Geets, TX

Assessment Summary

Prowess is turning the hiring process on its head by prioritizing emotional intelligence fit with a role and team as much as skill sets needed.  This 60-min mini-course and assessment allow us to take an in-depth look at how you view teamwork, interpersonal skills, technology, and project management principles.  Since Prowess takes the extra step to better understand our talent – employers feel confident that they are getting the perfect fit for their team. 

Once completed, you will have an opportunity to apply for our remote work job opportunities. From there, Prowess sends jobs that fit your skills and behavior style directly to your inbox. 

WHO this is for:

  • Female professionals who want more from “work” than clocking in and out
  • Women who are looking to pivot in their careers or into remote work
  • Returners who want to find a home in their next career move

WHAT you will get:

  • Populated Prowess Profile that provides a holistic view of you as an employee and person
  • Access to Prowess’ vetted talent pool for landing remote work 
  • Opportunity to connect with other like-minded women in your small group for support and motivation.

WHAT is Prowess:

Prowess exists to level the imbalance for women in the workforce – starting with caregivers hungry to return or women wanting to pivot in their careers. We do this through our integrated platform consisting of upskilling resources, confidence training, Community and job-pairing.  Unlike job boards, this holistic, Community approach provides a better candidate/role fit for employers while halving the hiring and ramp-up time.