23 students

After taking the Prowess Certification, I have regained a sense of accomplishment and pride that I have valuable set of skills to bring to the workforce.”

  • Jen M., Dallas, TX

Course Summary

Our 16-hour certification designed with today’s woman in mind includes an in-depth look at teamwork, interpersonal skills, technology, and project management principles. It’s comprised of both individual and small group work proving a safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly with others who are in your shoes. Once completed, you will receive 1:1 career coaching and opportunity to apply to our remote work job pool.

WHO this is for:

  • Returners ready to transition back into the workforce after caregiving – but aren’t sure how
  • Women who looking to pivot in their careers or into remote work
  • Professionals who want to establish goals and put them into action

WHAT you will get:

  • Custom plan for your career goals based on your values, boundaries, and needs.
  • Understanding and skills to manage a project from start to close.
  • Knowledge of the latest technology utilized in most professional remote work settings.
  • Comprehension of emotional intelligence and communication patterns and how your style best supports teammates.
  • Remote work best practices.
  • Resume refinement that showcases your competencies, supported by the views of those you respect and trust.
  • Example of work to submit to Prowess to qualify for the job pool.
  • Opportunity to connect with other like-minded women in your small group for support and motivation.